The 2021 Awards

The 2021 Volunteers in Sport Awards ceremony took place virtually over three days in early December 2021.

In addition to the 32 county-level award winners, Amina Moustafa, a volunteer across many different sports including football, basketball and swimming, received the overall Outstanding Achievement Award for her incredible service to the promotion of sport amongst women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, as well as her continued support of Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI). Amina joined SARI as a volunteer and has stayed in that capacity over the last ten years. Over this time, this young woman, with a mother from Dublin and a father from Alexandria, Egypt was best positioned to front up a number of programme start-ups in the social enterprise charity, Sport Against Racism Ireland. Her volunteer pathway has been very impressive, starting with Hijabs and Hat Tricks that was designed to integrate young Muslim women into society through the medium of sport. Amina steered this Beyond Sport Award Winner into the inter-faith football club, Diverse City FC.

Amina Moustafa
Outstanding Achievement Award


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